Mothering Sunday – Time for a real treat!

This Sunday coming is Mothering Sunday – a day when those of us who are lucky to have our mums still with us get to take her out as a small thank you for everything they do.

On Sunday, we are open and we are cooking for mothers from all over. With tables being booked up really quickly, please don’t miss out on your Chapter V Restaurant table.

If you’re a mum, and you haven’t been here yet, we promise you a beautiful experience because this is your day and you deserve to be pampered.

So, here’s a quick ‘did you know’:

  • Mother’s Day goes back as far as ancient Greece where the Greeks had an annual spring festival to the maternal Goddess – Rhea, mother of Gods
  • In the UK and Ireland, Mothering Sunday is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent meaning it’s on a different date every year
  • It’s the most popular day of the year for eating out – aren’t you¬†glad Chapter V Restaurant is on your doorstep
  • Carnations are flowers typically associated with Mother’s Day. In Japan for example, it’s traditional to give your mother a red carnation. In Moy, we tend to give mothers a full bunch
  • In the UK, around 30million cards are sent on Mother’s Day –¬†someone make the Moy postie a cup of tea
  • Traditionally, the food most associated with Mothering Sunday is Simnel cake – here at Chapter V Restaurant – just wait and see what we have instead. Delicious!
  • Mother’s Day is celebrated in 46 countries around the world – thankfully our wee country is one of the 46 so come to Moy and see how we do it in style in Chapter V Restaurant