This may come as a shock to many, but we would like to advise that Chapter V Restaurant will close its doors for the final time on Sunday 9th July 2023.

We have had the most amazing time over the last 8 years as ‘Chapter V’ in the Moy, and it has been an absolute pleasure to have welcomed every single person through our doors during this time.

We have been incredibly blessed to have had such a truly amazing team by our side throughout this Chapter of our lives and would like to thank everyone involved.

I have been a chef now for 37yrs, I have given this career my heart and soul (and then some) but now, at this point in my life I now want to take the opportunity to live life at a slower pace. And so, i am now ready to hang up my apron, for now…

With my wife by my side these last few years in the village of Moy, County Tyrone, has been more than I could ever have dreamt of in my chef career. 

I always promised myself I was going to finish my career on a high & this year has been exceptional for us both. Winning Co. Tyrone Restaurant of the Year, Chef of the Year, and my wife Ellie winning Restaurant Manager of the Year has been phenomenal. Some might say I’m being biased but this one was truly well deserved I could never have wished for a better wing woman by my side. Ellie cared just as much as I did that our guests enjoyed their evening in our company.

And of course we continued to retain our Michelin recommendation, first awarded back in 2020.

There are far too many people at this stage to personally thank right now without offending, but I’m hoping that we have both shown our appreciation to you all throughout the years.

There will also be many rumours & speculations as to the sudden closing of a successful restaurant, we would expect as such. But coming straight from the horses mouth: both myself & my wife gave Chapter V everything we had, just like we promised each other we would from the first evening we opened our doors. We are extremely proud of what we have achieved in a short period of time and so honestly, our reason for making this big decision is that we just now want to enjoy some quality time with our family & close friends. That’s where our hearts are right now. It’s as simple as that!

All in date vouchers will of course be honoured, please contact the restaurant on 028 8778 4521 to arrange for a booking as soon as possible.

To our friends, family, colleagues, team, community and customers – Thank you for being such an important part of our story!

“Every success story started with a dream”

Thank you,
Conor & Ellie